Create a statement look this season in a timeless and elegant shade of pink, where grace meets sophistication. This enchanting ensemble features intricate embroidered details on the shirt and is paired with a matching shawl thus creating a captivating fusion of feminine charm and classic style.

Package Details:

Chikan embroidered front
Embroidered back
Embroidered sleeves
Chikan embroidered front and back border
Chikan embroidered sleeves lace
Chikan embroidered neckline
Embroidered side slits lace
Chikan embroidered trouser lace
Dyed shawl
Embroidered shawl lace for side
Embroidered shawl palu border
Embroidered shawl palu motif
Dyed trouser
Crochet lace for finishing – 1
Crochet lace for finishing – 2
Tassel for neckline



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