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  • An ethereal twelve panelled flared embroidered, french composition of flowers on a fine ice blue net, floral embellished bodice with mirror work, greyish blue embroidery composed in a highly defined manner. Dupatta is a work of art with an all over embroidered border in different phoenix blue shades with amazing additional borders, central piece of dupatta is foil printed. Four meters raw silk lining for this sparkling frock.

    Front Embellished Body ( Net ) 1PCS
    Back Embroidered Body ( Net) 1PCS
    Embroidered Panels ( Net) 12 PANELS
    Sleeve Embroidered (Net) 22″
    Dupatta Foil Printed Center (Organza) 1.48MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Pallu 1(Organza) 2PCS
    Dupatta Embroidered Pallu 2(Organza) 2PCS
    Lehnga Dyed Lining (Viscose) 4MTR
    Slip Dyed (Cotton Silk ) 1.5MTR
    Mirror Patti (Net) 13.5MTR
    Panel Embroidered Border (Organza) 1.12MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Border (Organza) 8MTR

  • Ostentatiously designed scintillating Aubergine organza shirt laying out prodigious hues of lilac and mints embroidery, colored beads, mirror work, 3D flowers and dazzling hints of naqshi with fabulously composed embroidered sequence sharara in bottle green color. Aesthetically appealing organza aubergine dupatta with additional patches of embroidered raw silk.Front Embellished Panel (Organza) 1PCS
    Sleeve Embroidered (Organza) 22″
    Back Embroidered (Organza) 1MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered (Organza) 2.33MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Patch (Organza) 2PCS
    Dupatta Embroidered Pallu (Satin) 1-PAIR
    Trouser Embroidered (Viscose) 4MTR
    Slip Dyed (Cotton Silk ) 2.25MTR
    Front Neckline Embellished (Organza) 1PCS
    Back Neckline Embroidered (Organza) 1PCS
    Front Hem Embellished Border (Organza ) 1PCS
    Sleeve Embellished Border (Organza) 1.12MTR
    Back Hem Embroidered Border (Organza) 1PCS
  • An exquisite gorgeous composition of flowers, intricate jaai work and delicate green sequence hem border, beautiful 3D flowers, bright naqshi, badki, immaculate stone work, gleaming sequence vines angrakha, rich gold foil printed sharara enhances the ornateness of this classy outfit. Amazing plum arch running side borders, satin and sequence convoluted jaalidar dupatta borders making it more precious.

    Front Embellished Panel (Net) 1PCS
    Sleeve Embroidered (Net) 22″
    Back Embroidered ( Net) 1.33MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered (Net) 2MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Pallu (Net) 2PCS
    Dupatta Embroidered Motive ( Net) 2PCS
    Trouser Dyed Foil Printed (Viscose) 2.5MTR
    Slip Dyed (Cotton Silk ) 2.25 MTR
    Back Embroidered Motif( Net) 1PCS
    Front Embroidered Patti (Net) 2.33MTR
    Hem Embroidered Border 1 (Satin ) 2MTR
    Hem Embellished Border 2 (Satin ) 2.33MTR
    Sleeve Embroidered Patti (Organza) 1.12MTR
    Sleeve Embroidered Cuff (Satin) 1.12MTR
    Schiffli Border (Organza) 1.84MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Border (Organza) 5.33MTR

  • This beautiful Olive green design speaks all things festive.
    It has a gorgeous Velvet shawl as well as a berry pink embroidered net dupatta. An extreme finesse adorned front open long angrakha with heavily hand worked vines in aubergine, plum and different shades of olives, adding sparkling silver and golden tulle, cute ribbons, stone and bead work. Subtle foil printed sharara/lehnga or pants.
    This outfit can be stitched as Shown

    Front Embellished Panel (Net) 1 PCS
    Front Embroidered Panel Ext ( Net) 1 PCS
    Sleeve Embroidered (Net) 22″
    Back Embellished ( Net ) 1MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered ( Net ) 2.33 MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Pallu ( Net ) 2PCS
    Shawl Embroidered (Velvet ) 2.33MTR
    Shawl Embroidered Pallu (Velvet ) 2PCS
    Shawl Embroidered Border (Velvet ) 5.33MTR
    Trouser Dyed Foil Printed ( Viscose) 2.5MTR
    Slip Dyed ( Cotton Silk ) 2.25MTR
    Hem Embroidered Patti 1 (Satin) 2MTR
    Hem Embroidered Patti 2 (Satin) 2MTR
    Hem Embroidered Patti 3 (Satin) 2MTR
    Sleeve Embroidered Patti 1 (Satin) 1.15MTR
    Sleeve Embroidered Patti 2 (Satin) 1.15MTR

  • A pristine and feminine pattern of torsion work, naqshi, betkhi, 3D applique flowers and many Handworked techniques.
    Pink organza based kurta enriched with dexterous cultural motives, paired with tye & dye dupatta with multi embroidered borders, graceful raw silk nice-looking foil printed trouser bring back the old charm.
    This outfit can be stitched as shown

    Front Panel Embellished (Organza) 1 PCS
    Front Embroidered Ext (Organza) 1 PCS
    Sleeve Embellished (Organza) 22″
    Back Embroidered (Organza) 1.33MTR
    Dupatta Sublimation+Embroidered (Organza) 2.66MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Pallu (Organza) 2PCS
    Trousers Dyed Foil Printed (Viscose) 2.5MTR
    Slip Dyed (Cotton Silk ) 2.25MTR
    Neckline Embellished (Organza) 1PCS
    Front Embroidered Motif ( Organza) 1 -PAIR
    Hem Embellished Border 1 (Satin) 1.58 MTR
    Hem Embroidered Patti ( Satin) 2MTR
    Hem Embroidere Border 2 (Satin) 2MTR
    Sleeve Embellished Cuff (Organza) 1.12MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Border (Organza) 5.33MTR

  • A delicately designed 8 panelled gown in Ivory net base with hues of magenta, berry and peachy pink vines and flowers illuminating the purity and gentleness all in all.
    Heavily handworked and exquisitely crafted. A sectional White and lilac organza dupatta is the highlight of this dreamy design.Exquisite silver badla jacquard vintage floral pattern lehnga with shimmering feathery stalks make it the ultimate wedding season outfit.This outfit can be stitched as shown

    Front Body Embellished (Net) 1 PCS
    Back Embroidered Body (Net) 1 PCS
    Front Right Panel Embellished (Net) 1 PCS
    Front Left Panel Embellished (Net) 1 PCS
    Front side Panel Embellished (L) (Net) 1 PCS
    Front side Panel Embellished (R) (Net) 1 PCS
    Back Embroidered 1.33 MTR
    Sleeves Embroidered 21″
    Dupatta Foil Printed 1.48 MTR
    Dupatta Pallu Foil Printed 2 PCS
    Trousers Dyed (Jacquard Silk ) 4 MTR
    Slip Dyed (Cotton silk ) 2.25MTR
    Front Embroidered Border 1 ( Organza) 2.33 MTR
    Hem Embroidered Border 2 (Organza) 2.66 MTR
    Sleeve Border Embellished (Organza) 1.15 MTR
    Dupatta Pallu Embroidered Patti 1 (Organza) 4.66 MTR
    Dupatta Pallu Embroidered Patti 2 (Organza) 5.33 MTR
    Trouser Embroidered Border (Organza) 1.33 MTR

  • An impeccable royal blue net based shirt framing delicate 3D flowers, touches of dabka & kora, composed applique work, artistically embellished embroidered borders of satin and organza, botanical floral composition, fine feathery leaves, and heavenly birds in it. Manoeuvre jewelled neckline, glittering net intricated jali stitched dupatta. Plain Rawsilk sharara for blue color lovers.

    Shirt Front Embellished (Net) 1 PCS
    Sleeves Embroidered (Net) 0.66 MTR
    Back Embroidered (Net) 1 MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered (Net) 2 MTR
    Dupatta Pallu Embroidered (Net) 2 PCS
    Front Neckline Embellished (Organza) 1 PCS
    Back Neckline Embroidered (Organza) 1 PCS
    Hem Embroidered Border (Organza) 1.58 MTR
    Sleeve Embroidered Patti (Organza) 1.12MTR
    Sleeves Embroidered Border (Organza) 1.12MTR
    Sleeve Embellished Cuff (Satin) 1.12MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Border (Organza) 8 MTR
    Trousers Embroidered Border (Organza) 2.66 MTR
    Trousers Dyed (Viscose) 2.5 MTR
    Slip Dyed (Cotton Silk) 2.25 MTR

  • Behold the Majestic Red. This immaculate and elaborate eye-captivating design is perfect for the Wedding Season. Heavily Hand worked & Embroidered Shikaargah on fine red net base dupatta with decorated coral organza side borders.
    Beautiful intricate details on 12 panelled full flared net lehnga with heavily Handworked coral shade net bodice and a jaali layer neck detail on deep red.
    Can be stitched as Shown

    Front Body Embellished (Net ) 1 PCS
    Back Embroidered Body (Net) 30″
    Back Crew Neck Embellished (Net ) 1 PCS
    Slip (Cotton Silk) 1.5 MTR
    Panels Embroidered (Net) 12 PANELS
    Sleeves Embellished (Net) 21 ”
    Sleeves Embroidered Border (Satin) 1.15 MTR
    Lehnga Lining (Viscose) 4 MTR
    Front Body Embroidered Patch (Satin) 1 PCS
    Dupatta Embroidered (Net) 2.3 MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Pallu (Net) 2 PCS
    Hem Embroidered Border (Organza) 4 MTR
    Dupatta Embroidered Patti (Organza) 5.33MTR

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