Size Matters

Measurements can be tricky and challenging. In order to get our outfits perfectly stitched correct measurements is crucial. We do our best to help our customers with their measurements.

At SheikhNStyle we offer following stitching features to our customers.

                                    Universal Sizes (XS-XL)

  •   As a customer you can pick up from any of the universal size mentioned in the chart below.
  •   The sizes are given in INCHES.


Custom Stitching

SheikhNStyle provide custom stitching option to our customers without extra charges. Custom stitching includes but not limited to:

  1. a)   Providing your own measurements in the box provided with every outfit.


  1. b) Changing lengths of Shirt/Trouser/Sleeves (depends on the amount of material)
  2. c) Including/Excluding liner/Shamees


Liner/No Liner:

You can decide whether you want liner/shames under shirt or not without any extra charges. Please select the right option from the drop-down box.


Special Instructions:

Enter any special instructions if you want to pass on to your tailor.



Still Need Help?


Still need help?

Contact us directly if you have any questions or concern.

Whatsapp: +1 8625918218